Permanent Makeup

Before your appointment
Every appointment begins with a consultation. We begin by talking about what your desired look is and go over photos of work to get a clear understanding. Next pencils are used to create your shape template. Once you approve, we work with you to pick the proper shade. The area is marked for accuracy, then numbed with a compounded topical numbing cream for 20 minutes. The chosen color is applied inside of the marked areas, utilizing the proper technique to achieve your new look. Additional numbing topicals are applied as we work, creating the most comfortable application possible.

Are you a candidate?
If you’re on heavy blood thinners or Accutane, you wouldn’t be a good candidate for semi-permanent cosmetics, but everyone else should qualify.

What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation, or Permanent makeup as its most often referred to is the implanting of pigments into the Dermis layers of the skin, to enhance Brows, Eyes, and lips of the face. Can also be used to replace Areola color, and missing patches of skin color on the body. Permanent just means it does not wash off, it does not mean it lasts forever. Some refer to this application as “semi-permanent” considering that it does fade over time, and it isn’t a regular tattoo.

We aim to achieve natural looking enhancements that could be passed off as your own facial features. So, to do that, we utilize two different techniques that can be combined to achieve many different looks. We implant pigment into a bottom dermis layer of the skin with a hand-held machine, that utilizes micro prongs. This machine pokes micro holes in the skin where the pigment sinks in. Microblading is placed slightly to the upper dermis,” and is actually scratched into the skin by hand with a small blade made of micro prongs, which is why it fades faster “It’s very, very shallow. Microblading usually lasts approximately 1 year, and Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) lasts 1-3 years or longer. The longevity of the procedure depends largely by the placement, type of ink used, skin type and texture, as well as types of products and procedures used on or around the area.

Our technicians offer advanced work with high-quality pigments, which are shade-matched to closely resemble your own natural hairs on your eyebrows and lashes, or the pink of your lips. If natural is not your thing, and you prefer more of a makeup look, we have many colors to choose from. We also offer wedged, winged, smokey, and multiple color designer eyeliners. Multi colored, or highlighted hair stroke brows, and lip enlargements in natural or lipstick look. We use a variety of needles, ranging from a single needle to multi-prong needles, and various microblades to create our custom looks.


Hair Stroke Eyebrows

Don’t confuse this technique with microblading. This is what we calls a “hairstroke technique” by needling in individual hairs to create a natural-looking full shape. We work with what is called a “Flat needle” this is comprised of five to seven single prongs in a row to create beautiful natural looking hair strokes. This is also called a micro-stroke technique.

Microbladed Brows

Color is scratched into the top of the dermis by hand, creating the look of thin hairs. This is a very natural, semi-permanent look.

Shadow Brows

Sometimes called Powder Brow. This is a soft diffused color placed underneath, or in place of your existing brows. This is not to be confused with the old Marker look of old. This looks like soft powder, applied with a soft shade.

Ombre’ Brows

The majority of this brow is shaded in with a powder look, or more dramatic in color if desired. The color is blended into hair stroke, or microbladed brows by the nose, this creates a natural yet polished look.


Though “tattoo eyeliner” was once considered the norm, it isn’t something we do at the practice. Instead, we opt for a lash enhancement, which involves implanting the pigment in between the lashes to create a fuller effect over a harsh line. We follow the natural shape of the eye and place them a little thicker on the outer corners, and get thinner, working inward. We don’t go above or below the natural lash border, and will only put a small amount at the bottom lashes to balance, but not much at all. It just adds thickness to the lash base, and you wake up in the morning and never look tired.


As we get older, some women will lose pigment around their lips, and the pink fades away, so we will try to match the natural pink color on the inside portion of your bottom lip, re-pigmenting the lips, and there’s the possibility to make the lips look slightly larger.  We start by tracing your vermillion border, then fill in the rest of the lips with the pink shade, which veers no more than a shade or two darker than your natural hue. Healing takes about a week, and although you can expect the lips to swell a bit, but will go down.

After the Appointment

Though there isn’t much downtime associated with semi-permanent makeup, you can expect your lips to be slightly swollen immediately after, your lash line to be a bit red (almost as if you’ve been crying, nothing too serious), and your brows will be pretty crisp and dark. Everything should fade by a few shades within five to seven days, where the effect is softened by 50%. Typically, the semi-permanent makeup should last anywhere from a year and a half to three years, just be cautious of the ingredients in your anti-aging serums and moisturizers. If you use retinol, vitamin C, or hydroquinone, those ingredients will fade the brows and lips faster almost by half, and of course sun exposure can shorten the life of semi-permanent makeup. We recommend getting them touched up every two years.

Price List

  • Shadow Eyebrows
  • Ombre Eyebrows
  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows
  • Microbladed Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner: upper only
  • Eyeliner: lower only
  • Eyeliner: upper & lower
  • Designer Eyeliner
  • Lip liner
  • Full lip color
  • Full lip enlargement
  • Areola pigmentation*
  • Camouflage
  • Corrections (color/shape)
  • Consult only
  • Color Boost: Within 1 year
  • Color Boost: Within 2 years
  • Color Boost: Within 3 years
  • $450 and up
  • $550 and up
  • $550 and up
  • $550 and up
  • $375 and up
  • $375 and up
  • $550 and up
  • $650 and up
  • $375 and up
  • $550 and up
  • $650 and up
  • $600 per breast
  • Price will be quoted after consultation
  • $150 and up
  • Complementary
  • $150
  • $300
  • $450

*Mastectomy scar revision and/or skin camouflage available

Multiple discounts: 2 services – 10% off; Brows, eyeliner, lips – $300 off total