Jenny Molloy ARNP

Aesthetic Trainer
Master Injector
Aesthetic Fairy Godmother

The tenants of 3 Wishes Aesthetics come threefold – look well, feel well, live well!

Owner and Nurse Practitioner Jenny Molloy loves helping people and has been providing her artistic talents to many happy Tampa Bay clients since 3 Wishes Aesthetics’ inception in 2007.

Customizing every treatment, she is an expert at relaxing wrinkles with Botox and freshening appearance with fillers. She specializes in micro-needling and Microcurrent facials, skin and neck treatments to tighten, brighten, tone, improve pores, and lift jowls.

Jenny also provides her patients with skincare products like Lifeline Pro Plus that she diligently researched and uses to increases the positive results of her facial artistry services.

At 3 Wishes Aesthetics, Jenny’s facial rejuvenation skills and artistry help the evidence of the aging process virtually disappear!

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Wish List

Botox / Dysport

Relax wrinkles

Skin Care

Reveal fresh flawless skin

Dermal Fillers

Plump lost volume

Hmmm..Thinking about lip filler?

Thinking of lip filler Not sure what to expect Don’t want duck lips?  Jenny is skilled at lip correction with fillers, lips will look natural, not ducky.

Day 1: Filler day with Jenny!

Days 2 – 4: My lips are swollena nd a little sore, did I overdo it?

Days 5 – 7: Ooooooo….my lips look GREAT!! Can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror!

Days 8 – 14:  I LOVE my new LIPS!  My lipstick looks amazing!

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